50% Protected Time

Applicants to the Neurosurgeon Research Career Development Program (NRCDP) must commit to both Phase I and Phase II support stages (see below). Scholars should develop, in conjunction with their primary (and if appropriate, secondary) mentor, a long-range research and career development plan, which includes the necessary progress to obtain individual funding by the third year of the program.

The NRCDP program is intended to support candidates who will commit 50% effort to research for at least a five-year period, which covers phases I and II. Provided they make appropriate progress during the first year, as judged by the PD/PI and Advisory Committee, scholars are renewed for the second year of NRCDP support.

Under rare and unusual circumstances, limited support during a third year is possible, at the discretion of the PD/PI and advisory committee. Starting in the second year, scholars should be strongly encouraged to seek outside grant support as they transition to a more independent research position. Ideally, scholars will have obtained individual career development support by the beginning of their third year.

Phase I:

During each year of Phase I, in addition to conducting research an pursuing their research career development at their home institution, scholars will submit an annual progress report to the NRCDP PD/PI, will attend the NRCDP yearly meeting, and will present their research in a public forum at the meeting. Scholars may engage in brief research activities at another institution if it is directly related to the purpose of the award.

For research activities lasting longer than one month, scholars must obtain prior written approval from the K12 PD/PI. Also, periods of leave from the program for greater than three months, for either professional or personal reasons, require prior written approval from the K12 PD/PI and the NINDS program official.

Phase II:

Phase II scholars remain associated with the NRCDP program for an additional three years (up to a maximum of 5 years). With their acceptance of support during the phase I period, they are expected to submit annual progress reports to the NRCDP program, attend NRCDP meetings, and present their research findings in a public forum at NRCDP meetings during the phase II period.

Phase II Scholars should continue to devote six person-months (50% of total professional effort) to research activities and are expected to obtain individual funding. However, should Phase II scholars be making substantial progress in their research, and making appropriate efforts to obtain individual funding, including seeking advice from all appropriate sources, the scholar’s department agrees to continue to provide 50% protected time for research and adequate funds to keep the scholar’s research efforts going until individual funding is obtained, through the Phase II period.

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